A viable alternative to the inground swimming pools

If you are looking for an alternative to the very expensive and high-maintenance inground swimming pools, then you must be looking for an above cheap swimming pool. With dimensions verifying from small kiddies ones to pools that could easily accommodate a rather numerous family, the above swimming pools aren’t just cheaper, but also easier to install and take care of. All you need, in this case, is some free space and water – afterwards, the fun can easily begin!

And this isn’t all – while any inflatable swimming pool can be used in the backyard, their biggest ace in the sleeve is the fact that they are mobile. So, in the hot and sunny summer days when you are planning on going to the countryside, just take your new and cheap swimming pool with you. You shouldn’t miss all the summer’s fun just because you aren’t at home any more.

There is quite a varied offer of above ground swimming pools, with all sorts of features which could be added. If you are planning on spending just a little more, you could have your inflatable swimming pool come with water circulation systems, with heating pumps, and so on. Furthermore, for an even more fun time, consider purchasing a shade umbrella, just to rest for a couple of moments before jumping back in your new swimming pool.

Of course, there are also some other types of above swimming pool, a bit more expensive. While the fabric of the standard ones is puncture and tear resistant, you could always opt for metal framed ones or wood and steel ones. Of course, these also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they are much harder to install and maintain. Still, they are far cheaper than the inground ones.

Here are some tips which would help you in buying your new and cheap swimming pool. First off, search for the quality of the material from which it is made – the best brands on the market, right now, are Intex, Bestway and Summer Escape. Then, an even more important factor, which will decide the dimensions of the swimming pool, is what they are intended for. If it is just for your kids, a smaller and shallower one would suffice. If it is for the whole family and more, then by all means – a larger one would be needed.

This isn’t all – while some inflatable swimming pools come with extra features (such as the ones mentioned above), you still have to disinfect the water in some way, if you aren’t planning on emptying the swimming pool each day – thankfully, chloride is the most reliable disinfectant. With it, all sorts of microbes are destroyed and the apparition of algae is prevented. Just have some pH strips with you and you will all be set and done.

Furthermore, in order to spare yourself some time from chasing bugs and leaves in the water, consider purchasing some sort of cover – any fabric would do, but you should probably choose a stronger and thicker one, in order to keep the sand and other small impurities out. Keep all these in mind and your fun in your new and cheap swimming pool will be unheard of!