Styrofoam swimming pools – an elegant and reliable solution

There is no better sign that you have moved up the social ladder than owning Styrofoam swimming pools – modern, elegant, reliable, and more affordable than you might believe, these are the pools of nowadays. They are easy to install and they take any shape and size you may want.

Nonetheless, despite its name, a Styrofoam pool is built using other materials as well. The insulation is provided by a layer of geotextile materials, which means that the transfer will be reduced to a minimum – so the water heater won’t function continuously. By using such materials, you are also protecting the pool itself, since the effect of extreme cold and heat will be barely felt. Smooth concrete slabs are also used when building the pool, for the bottom, while PVC will also be used for further waterproofing.Styrofoam swimming pools

Of course, one might say that it makes no sense building Styrofoam swimming pools during the cold season – after all, it would be extremely expensive just to heat the water and maintain its temperature at an acceptable degree during winter. But this is, in fact, the best moment of the year – simply because now you can find the best prices of the market. It is just like with any other products and services – they are way cheaper when bought in the off-season.

So how can you benefit from the latest Styrofoam pools technologies? By simply giving us a call and requesting additional information!

But consider a couple of things before doing that – and, for starters, you should plan your budget at first. How much are you willing to spend on the swimming pool of your dreams? And this is the most important thing you should consider, because on it depend all the other (the size of the pool, its shape, the extra features which will be installed, and so on.

And you need to consider, afterwards, the size of the pool – and whether it will be an indoor or an outdoor one. Depending on your budget, you should also consider the shape of the new pool – will it be a design we present, or is it a special one that you have in mind?

If you do want to build the Styrofoam swimming pools you have always wanted, then you should have a little chat with our designers. Bring your ideas to the table and let them know everything about this special design that you have in mind. It may be with magazines, catalogues, or even simple pictures taken by you in your travels – and these all needn’t be with swimming pools at all. Our designers will reveal with their art the special shape you have in mind.

But a swimming pool isn’t just a big and beautiful hole in the ground. It comes with all sorts of systems which make the water just fine for bathing. And while any modern inground swimming pool comes with a circulating system and a filter pump, you might want to purchase the others for yourself.

And we do have all the extra-features that you will need – and all at the most affordable prices. As far as Styrofoam swimming pools are concerned, we are the best provider you can find!