Improving your lifestyle, one small step at a time

Every decision that you make can alter your lifestyle – whether it is something that you notice every day in your household or the inconspicuous linear shower drain, everything has a bearing on how relaxed and comfortable your feel at home. In the latter case, you will notice that there is something missing precisely when the drainage system becomes faulty. If it wouldn’t happen so, then you might as well not even know that this small detail actually counts very much. After all, the quality of life depends also on the body’s hygiene. And when the musty smell of water beneath the tiles manifests itself, or when water begins overflowing, taking your daily shower won’t be so relaxing at all.

Of course, patching the old drainage system is always a viable option – however, these signs mean for certain that you should be on the lookout for a new linear wetroom drain with traps. Stylish, robust, and easy to maintain, this is the perfect choice that you should make – forget all about the standard point drains, because the modern days belong to the linear ones.

There is a large variety of linear drains that can be found on the market right now – and the best ones are, obviously, made from stainless steel. Basically, if you choose a lengthier linear drain, you shouldn’t worry about water infiltrating beneath the tiles or about the stagnant water above them. Whether it is in the corner or tightly pasted on the wall, it is the same thing – when it comes to this choice, it all depends on your preferences.

Of course, you must take into consideration some factors when choosing the right type of linear drain, such as the types of tiles that you already have or you want to replace. But, more importantly, you need to choose the opening of the drain – if it is too narrow, then water will overflow. If it is too wide, then most definitely it will clog very easily. Usually, the opening for the linear shower drain is about 2.5 inches – but it all depends on what you want.

This isn’t all, since your new drains can be customized, particularly the grates on the drain (if you opt for a wider opening). Besides the led lighting (which, besides looking very modern, is very helpful during the night), you could always have some inscriptions of your own on it – after all, it is your own and it should be just the way you want it. This is also the best way in which you could choose the right retailer – the one that could meet these types of eccentric needs (which aren’t at all that eccentric) is the one that, most likely, has everything that you need.

Of course, one you have installed your new drainage system, you shouldn’t just leave it to that – while the linear drains are durable and reliable, they should be cleaned every now and then, in order to prevent clogging and in order to keep their shiny new look.

Of course, you could always go for the ready-made linear shower drain systems – while you cannot make so many choices and while you cannot customize them, they are as reliable as any other.