The drains to chase your bathing problems away

If you are searching for the best drains on the market, then you’ve come to the right place – the stainless steel linear shower drains are the modern and stylish answer to all your problems, as far as the draining systems are concerned.

But why you do more and more people ask for these types of drains? When saying that they are the best on the market, at this moment, what does that mean?

The drains to chase your bathing problems away

Usually, people don’t tend to take installing new drains seriously. They only do it when the old drain system becomes faulty, even when moving into a new house. You shouldn’t do that. The most common drain system found in most of the houses is the traditional point one. It is cheaper and can handle most of the problems encountered in the wet room. However, they have become obsolete, because they cannot handle larger volumes of water and they become easily clogged. Furthermore, they are pretty difficult to install by yourself.

On the other hand, the linear shower drains are nothing like the ones mentioned above. They aren’t just the regular hole in the ground – they are stylish and they can be as inconspicuous as you want them to be. Basically narrow profiles, they are usually placed either in one corner of the shower room floor, either beside one of its walls. You won’t even notice them, not stealing anything from the aesthetics of the room.

But this isn’t just about the looks. They are hard workers, one might say. Because they collect the water on a larger area, they can handle much larger volumes of water than the traditional drain systems. Furthermore, because of the same reason, they are much more difficult to become clogged and let water infiltrate beneath the tiles. So you can say goodbye to these problems.

As said, they are hardly noticeable – but only if you don’t want them to be. When coming to us, you will be able to personalize them in any way that you want it, from their length to the design of the grating. They can be made from the basic, and yet chic, stainless steel, or from the latest antimicrobial alloys. The grating of the linear shower drains can even be personalized according to your own desires.

And this isn’t all, since one of the most encountered trends is to have LED lighting installed on them. These types of drains aren’t just hard workers – they can actually look good. So why wouldn’t you add to the aesthetics of your wet room when you can do it?

Most importantly, though, is that you can install them yourself, by following easy instructions, without the help of any professional plumber. Because they are placed alongside one of the walls, the tiles of the floor need be tilted just a bit in that direction. You should also take into account the opening, which should be just large enough in order to collect the water.

So are you moving into a new home, or do you want to just change the old draining system? In either ways, if you want to improve the quality of your lifestyle, install linear shower drains. Give us a call and pay us a visit and you will find out everything that you need to know.

With this modern and stylish drain system, you can say goodbye to water overflowing or infiltrating beneath the tiles, you can say goodbye to clogging. Just enjoy your morning showers and your soothing evening baths, like anyone should! Find more tips…